Clash Royale Review


From the first days of its release, it became evident immediately that Supercell had a hit on its hands. They figured out something that innumerable MOBAs, first-person shooters, along with some other sport have neglected to do. They created an intense multiplayer title on mobile which participates players and earning money without being unjust or blood-sucky. It’s simple to invest a lot of money on Clash Royale, but you will spend hours for the game because you like it.

Clash Royale is best called a collectible card game that matches a real-time strategy game plus a MOBA. A deck has 8 cards, along with 4 on your hands at the same time. You utilize elixir to muster cards. You set up troops to assault the crown studs of the enemy together with a center tower, at both lanes each using a tower. Destroy both crown and king tower to be victorious. However, you must do it in a few minutes, together with all the previous minute supplying elixir. The player that has destroyed crown molding would be the victor. If towers have been tied, then there is a departure in which the man to ruin a tower — either king or crown — wins. Keep in mind that the king tower does the most damage.


What is smart about the gameplay is the fact that it is all straightforward to understand and play. You drop components inside, and they’ll do the job themselves. Where to set units could be significant, but the strategy of handling your deck, elixir, and cards compared to your competitor’s situation matters the most. You become familiar with the game’s mechanic very quickly. Experimenting with decks and joining clans are also straightforward. And since games take three or four minutes, you can do many things in a short play session. Compare this to other multiplayer titles, this game feels much more compact. Something such as Hearthstone includes a steep barrier to entrance now as there’re simply too many cards to manage. Clash Royale limiting particular cards helps a great deal to be certain that you do not have an information overload.

Some individuals will say that this game is pay-to-win. Kongregate CEO Emily Greer speaks about that when she discusses her own figure skating hobby compared to free-to-play mindset. If you would like to play for pleasure and some amount of rivalry, you may enjoy it and advance to a level. The game provides you 6 silver chests every day for logging in and claiming them, 1 golden chest for accessing 10 crowns in one day. There are wait timers available on opening the chests, but you can make more than sufficient cards to be aggressive to a level. The matchmaking set you up against your equals which means that you are going to have a suitable matchup.

And in fact, the game does respect balance. You may not feel this to be true since CR made billions. However, since it’s release, cards were tweaked quite frequently. And there are many powerful common cards like the knight and giant. It’s not as simple as getting a deck full of epic cards and win. Deck building and safeguarding your cards together with intellect is important!

The elixir process is done well. The key to victory is to counter your opponent’s moves using as little as possible. Counter a 4-elixir card using a 3-elixir card, and you’ve gained a little advantage with your resource. Send a 6-elixir card do some damage and then induce them to invest over 6 elixirs in defending? Well, very good job!

CR can be a game of competition, no doubt about that. How you build your deck is crucial, and you need to organize a strategy. This game has a very low entry barrier. An 8-card deck is simpler to control than the usual 30-card deck. Additionally, it makes it much easier to know what your competitor has. But there is not anything wrong with this! In fact, this feature is beneficial, and it does not do anything to reduce the fun experiences. Clash Royale is like other collectible card games in term of monetization method, you need cards to build decks. Accumulating multiples of cards and also updating them is the key. That is somewhat easier to be done with smaller deck size.

Also, I appreciate the doctrine of siege over defense that Supercell encourages. It is gratifying to cut off the opponent’s strikes, for certain. But crush on their towers is always more fun right? It is what’s going to keep people engaged. But no matter what, there are strategies and approaches in gameplay beyond mere pay-to-win.


Supercell did wonder here in creating Clash Royale as a well-rounded multiplayer mobile game. It has rich gameplay, balanced elements and is fun to play. I have been playing this game quite a bit, and will keep playing for a long time. And I am convinced we will see clones of CR being created. Clash Royale will define mobile gaming in the upcoming few decades.

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