Last Day On Earth: Survival Tutorial


The game has excellent graphics considering it’s a mobile game, and the gameplay is smooth. Most of the gameplay revolves around drifting an environment and Scavenging tools while keeping things like your health, hunger, and thirst. Travelling between the areas that are distinct requires the game and time monetize this by employing a power system which allows you to hasten the time that is travelling.

If you really do run out of electricity, you are given the choice of buying more through purchases or waiting for it to recharge. As you wander around the many regions in real time, you may encounter computer controlled AI personalities, and it’s up to you if you trade with them, or simply kill them and steal their belongings.

New Game

You spawn on a piece of land that will soon be your home. You then begin playing the game, this area is going to have some funds like wood, stone, and iron. Your first priority, however, is Crafting either a Spear, Pickaxe, or Hatchet out of rock and timber so it may be utilized as a melee weapon if you get attacked by wolves and zombies while Scavenging. No need to worry about being chased by another participant yet if you start to get bombarded with items so that you can use the automobile.

Start off by creating your first home small and easy, just make certain that you leave enough space for a few crates and a stove. Finally, a warning box will appear above your head telling you that you’re starting to starve and dehydrate and that you have used meat and all your local berries. After this occurs, you have to lose anything of value in your own storage where you’ll be given several options, and head out into the wilderness.

At this point, the most important issue is interrupting your health so choose an easy level. Proceed to the green forest and stock up on berries. While there collect timber and keep a look out for loot crates. Remember to return home once your inventory is full. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a Floater Bloater while Scavenging you want to run, any zombies, wolves and quick Biters though can be dealt with using your crafted weapon.

Getting Started

Keep going to simple levels (green and yellow) forests and quarries to acquire the needed supplies to develop your home, don’t construct out too much though as doing this will create your foundation harder to shield against enemies as floors and walls will need to be upgraded. Your main priority today is currently setting up a continuous supply of food and water at your house, this can be done by taking advantage of Garden Beds to develop things such as carrots and setting up Rain Catchers.

When your food and water situation is secure craft a Basic Backpack and head towards Bunker Alfa. You will find a card on the corpse of a guard which will unlock the door. Inside you’ll discover several lockers that are filled with loot which will include two firearms and a pair of clothes. Don’t rush it and use the gun right away because after they are broken, you won’t be able to fix them. The green and yellow levels are fairly easy, you shouldn’t need guns to finish them. Keep returning to the bottom and salvaging it till it is empty, you will run into a lot of electronic junk. Don’t hesitate and delete it to make room for something that’s useful.

Special Events

Crashed Plane

This event occurs when you explore the map once you have built your foundation. Your priority is hoping to locate airplane crashes as they are a good resource for collecting materials. Plane crashes will yield everywhere from 22-44 parts of luggage which are sprinkled about the plane wreckage and will have minimal enemy presence. When your energy bar drops below 50 plane crashes, tend to happen, and you won’t be able to reach it. That is unless you are ready to put your hand and also pay actual cash. Plane crashes are also a great source for Pine Logs.

Supply Drop

These supply drops can occur at any time but more frequently when you’re low on energy and like the Airplane Crashes that they won’t be easy to achieve unless you use real money. The supply drops will include loot in the form of at least one half-durability weapon and arbitrary pieces. Crashes though zombies will guard the army supply drops which range from roamers into bloaters, wolves, and AI characters. The region is also a good source for Pine Logs.

The Healer

The healer is an NPC that will provide you assistance. You will receive the corresponding bonus after accepting his offers. The healer does not ask for anything in return, but you’ll have to watch an ad in exchange. The Healer will spawn at your house every day in his pickup truck and stay there for 30 minutes. He will evaporate once you’ve picked an offer.

The Dealer

This is an event that will appear on the map when you’ve built the CB Radio. The Trader transactions one Weapon Crate at a time and you will only have the ability to trade for that product. Below is what he will exchange for it.

The Horde

This happens every 24 hours, it is an invasion of Crowd Zombies that spawn on your own property and walks out of the top of the screen to the ground. Although Crowd Zombies are poorer than Roaming Zombies, they just yield an Experience stage if you kill them, therefore, it’s ideal to refrain from fighting them. Crowd Zombies only ruin crates, not floors, channels, or walls.

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