Marvel Strike Force Basic Guide


Marvel Attack Force is a strategy and actions RPG mobile game in which the purpose is to build a group of five figures which is composed of Marvel superheroes and villains and rescue the Earth. Players choose from 70 playable Marvel heroes including popular ones like Iron Man, The Hulk, or Hawk Eye. After putting together a squad, you’ll have the ability to level your characters up, customize equipment, and get new skills which may be used during combat. The game has both PvP and PvE modes.


The game starts with a brief tutorial that helps you learn the principles of the game and the way it works. This amongst other matters incorporates the training of heroes, the way to attack, with abilities, along with orbs. You may initiate the match in Campaign mode with three default characters along with your own squad. However, you’ll have the ability to unlock extra characters by buying orbs, using Arena store, Raid store, and finishing narrative missions. All these modes are all unlocked by updating your degree and finishing Campaign style’s levels.

Ultimus and his black forces compelled heroes and villains alike to overlook their differences and combat side-by-side against among their largest threats that the world has ever noticed. It is now your responsibility to take control of S.T.R.I.K.E and attempt to conquer the Kree warlord using a group of five Marvel characters you’ve assembled.


Once you complete the assignments, you will start to collect a group of equipment for your characters. To see what new equipment you are able to use, you need to visit the roster display in which you find a green plus sign together with your heroes or villains. It means that an equipable item is readily available to them. The best strategy is to simply concentrate on arming the heroes whom you put into the team frequently. When you’ve filled all the equipment slots, you’ll be presented with the choice of updating them into another tier that will make them more powerful.

Gear Hunt

When there’s a specific piece of equipment you’re after you may make the practice of searching for it simpler by tapping the ‘Locate’ button near the equipment that you would like to get. The game will tell you which level has the opportunity to drop that equipment. After that, just keep farming those levels until you receive exactly what you want.


The game employs a turn-based system in which your characters’ speed point decides the attack sequence. Under the health bar of your heroes, there’s a blue bar that once filled up suggests that you can make a move. There’ll be a circle beneath your heroes, and three icons representing their moves in the bottom-right of this display.

The first icon is going to be the basic attack move, the other two represent added attacks or spells (tap and hold for more information). You can choose a move when the tiny rectangular box over it fills up. A reddish crosshair will appear in your hero’s latest target, tap the ability to activate it onto the target (this will trigger the attack animation). You can change the target to another enemy by tapping on it. If it’s an easy match, try using the icon at the top-left corner that resembles a quick forward emblem. This will change the match to auto-mode and save you some time.


The one thing that you are going to learn very fast is that the game will require lots of resources. The best source for acquiring these would be to finish daily quests in which you are able to earn rewards like resources and XP points that can help boost your characters. Daily quests reset every 24 hours. In the early game, the rewards that you get from completing objectives will allow you to progress through the first levels easily. Later on, you shouldn’t neglect the quests as the benefits you can make from these will still be considerable.

Character Shard

Usually, you don’t want to invest real money for Power Cores that unlock new heroes. You always have the option to collect hero shards to unlock and then upgrade your heroes. Hero shards are rewards you get for completing objectives, and whenever you’ve obtained enough of those, you should put a new villain or hero into your roster immediately. Below are some ways you can get free shards:
– Daily login
– Doing arena matches
– Participate in events
– Win a match
– Reach high level in blitz mode

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