Shadow Fight 2 Online Generator – Free Gems and Gold

What is this?

This hack is one of the first online generator for Shadow Fight 2 ever! It takes place in the browser, unlike most SF2 cheats that are most likely a virus. With our online app, you can add as many gems and gold as you want for your SF2 account.

How does it work?

The script works like this [note: this entire process takes place in the background while the hack is working]: First, we¬†login to one of our dummy accounts. We create thousands of dummy accounts a day just to make sure we don’t run out. With this dummy account, we run some “magic” that allows us to duplicate gold and gems. This code is closed source so please don’t message us asking to buy it! Then, we send you the amount of gold and gems you entered in the hack. Since the accounts are already created, this process only takes about 10 seconds.

Will my account be safe?

Yes, top players use gem generators and they’re fine. Also, we never ask for your password. We recommend using this generator once a week only to stay under the radar.

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